Meeting Room Set Up Does Matter. 15 Tips For The Organizer

When you know what sort of meeting is coming, setting up the room in a way that best serves the meeting objectives is the next thing.


These are 15 tips for meeting organizer:


  1. For formal meetings, place the chairperson at the head of table. This will allow him/her to have best view and interaction with everyone on the table. (It will also make him/her feel important).


  1. To make everyone feel equal, a round table meeting set up is better. You may want to consider sofas or beanbags for a great brainstorm.


  1. Nowadays, some people like a stand up meeting for a short meeting. Standing coffee table would be nice.


  1. A bar stool would be great for a facilitator in long session.


  1. Prepared all the things might be needed in the meeting to avoid disruptions ahead of time. Laptop? In-focus? Screen? Microphone? Notepad? Pen? Water? Caffeine? Sweets?


  1. Create an inviting environment. Having potted plants in the room is common. Hang an interesting painting on the wall, or have a fish tank on the table if you want to make a different. Aromatherapy is simple but effective.


  1. Find a better place for pre-meeting reception, such as poolside or lounge.


  1. Use nametag that doesn’t ruin clothes. Avoid pins and double-sided tape.


  1. Energy food please. Caffeine and chocolate works well!


  1. Ease tension by having something light but fun and surprising, like notes on banana, hidden notes under the table to be discovered.


  1. Stimulate creativity by using colorful beanbags, soft toys, or posters for thoughts.


  1. Provide storage for jackets, valuables, and power outlets extension for mobile phone chargers.


  1. Extra marker is a must. Make sure the facilitator will not run out of ink midway.


  1. Encourage comfortable clothing, unless it is a formal event.


  1. Time reminder. Put a big clock in a prominent position.
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