8 Tips To Organize A Great (And Fun) Meeting

  1. Theme The Meeting.
    Call it “Ideas War” or “Operations Battlefield” and make sure everyone aware and prepared with attack mode in new ideas competition.


  1. Necessary People Only.
    Smaller meeting group is more productive in most cases.


  1. Send Out A Memorable Invitation.
    For “Operations Battlefield”, may be sent out a small soldier or tank toy with a note on date, time, and venue. A toy grenade might catch more attention – if you can pass your office security guards.


  1. Get Participants Think Before The Meeting.
    Send out a worksheet to kick-start the thinking process. You’ll be surprise by the quality of the discussion later on.


  1. Prepare The Material You’ll Need.
    It is more than just stationery. Include in-focus and multi-function printer-scan-copier in the checklist.


  1. Coffee and Food.
    They can be as important as the meeting itself. Often it is the first key to open a great meeting.


  1. Explore And Understand Participants Background And Culture.
    Some funny jokes for a person can be highly offensive for the other.


  1. Build A Website or Mobile Apps For The Meeting.
    Embrace the technology to enhance the experience. It is expected to provide access to all relevant information for the participants; from the agenda, to places to go for networking session will be great. To have all participants profile and contact will be awesome.
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