Top Chef’s Eating Out Tips

Tuesday is the best day. Seafood is fresh. New supply just arrived. Chefs are relaxed, assuming most of them are off for rest on Monday and they like to cook for weekday customer better than for weekenders. (Anthony Bourdain)


Well done steak comes with a risk. A philistine may not notice if it is a flotsam instead. Prime cuts and high-quality meat will shine better when it cooked rare, medium rare, or medium. (Anthony Bourdain)


Avoid restaurant with photos. In many countries, it is designed for tourists. We can judge by its clientele and presentation. Often the best local food has no menu in English and the people eating there looks like they have been going there a lot. (Anthony Bourdain)


Dirty bathroom is ok. Some of best food experiences are places that don’t really give too much care about their bathroom. They know their food is good and that’s enough. (Anthony Bourdain)


Inflight foods are beyond saving. It wasn’t because badly prepared, but with the conditions they are working in, there’s not much they can do. Every food taste completely different than it does on the ground. (Anthony Bourdain)




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