Ice Breaker: “Remember Me”

CorporateTravel.ID  – Ice breakers are very important in meetings.

It helps to lighten the mood and encourage interaction. It also great to re-energize the participants, reviving the competitive spirits, and eases some tension during the meeting.


It is important to make it light and don’t overdo it.

So choose wisely.


Today’s game called “Remember Me”.

This game will encourage a competition between the participants.


Step ONE:

Prepare 20 fun items. It can be thematic like different types of candy or chips, or completely random.


Step TWO:

Place them on tray and present them to the group. Give them only 10 seconds to stare and remember the items. Remove the tray immediately afterward.



You may ask each person or small groups to list down 10 to all items they can remember within 1 to 3 minutes. The person or group with the most correct item wins. You can include an additional point or bonus for those who can remember it with specific details, such as the flavor of the chips.


Hope the game is helpful.

Have a great meeting and memorable breaks!

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