Ice Breaker: “A Secret”

CorporateTravel.ID  – Ice breakers are very important in meetings.

It helps to lighten the mood and encourage interaction. It also great to re-energize the participants, reviving the competitive spirits, and eases some tension during the meeting.


It is important to make it light and don’t overdo it.

So choose wisely.


Today’s game called “A Secret”.

This is a good game to get everyone knows and connect with each other faster.

Even if the participants knows each other, you can still use this game to find out a little bit more about what each person thinks about him or herself.


Step ONE:

Give everyone a minute to come up with a descriptive word for him or herself that begins with same alphabet with their first name. For example, Lina could choose words like ‘lovely’, and Susy could choose words like ‘sexy’ or ‘super’.


Step TWO:

Get them to introduce their name to the rest of the group with the chosen word in front of their name. So Susy could say “Hi everyone. I’m Sexy Susy”.



Test to see who can remember everyone’s new name in the shortest time.


Hope the game is helpful.

Have a great meeting and memorable breaks!

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