Meeting The Closure

CorporateTravel.ID  – Every meeting has an end. Summarize the discussion and re-cap any decisions made. Set a date and time for next meeting if necessary. Close the meeting with a positive note.


  • If you need to extend the meeting, ask the participants if they mind. Don’t assume. Add any unfinished business to the next agenda if we can’t include it in this meeting.


  • Ask everyone to share his or her thoughts after the meeting. Sometimes good and great ideas need time to incubate.


  • Give out awards. Make it interesting. Include prizes if possible.


  • Give thanks. Get everyone to raise his or her right hand. Keep it up until 5 seconds until they start to confused, and then tell them to give themselves a pat of their own back for a well-done job.


  • Invite everyone to post-meeting drinks. It is a great opportunity to networking and gets feedbacks. People will be more open and honest about what they think and feel, in a more relax environment.


  • Create a contact list, so they can provide their email address and mobile number. There’s no reason why we should not keeping in touch.
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