Business Trips Checklist

CorporateTravel.ID  – Business trip is an important part of many professional’s job.

To make sure time and money invested in business trips turns into opportunity, good planning is mandatory. In most cases, lack of planning turns a business trip into disasters.


The following must-have checklist will help you to prepare for good business trip with less stress;



Make sure your passport still has empty page left and 6 months validity from your first travel date.



Traveling without fulfilling visa requirement will only lead you into a bad trip. Please don’t do that.



Save your ticket copy in your mobile phone. Do online check-in and book your preferred seat ahead of time. Make sure you have included our frequent flyer membership number to get your points. Go to airport earlier and treat yourself a coffee before the flight is better than rushing in last minute and late for your flight.



Save your hotel address and confirmation together with passport copy in your mobile phone. Smile and be polite when you check in – it won’t hurt you. Have a warm shower before bed. Good sleep always brings the best out you the next morning.


Local transportation.

Waiting for taxi at the airport too long might drain your energy. Rent a self-drive car or using recommended airport taxi services are optional – depends on the nature of your business trips and company travel policy. Local transportation can be a relevant solution.


Travel insurance.

Often we underestimate the need for insurance coverage during travel. In fact, we are exposed to more risks during business trips than working in the office, or at home. Get covered before your next trip if possible. You’ll be surprised if you know the price can be as low as your coffee or lunch.


Mobile phone, laptop, charger, power banks and name card.

These are must-carry items on your business trip. Some people would feel half or completely naked without them. How about you?


Cash & credit card.

You can completely rely on credit card. Spare yourself with some local currency when you travel abroad. Some local businesses are just not accepting foreign credit cards.


Business attire.

It is recommended to carry pieces of clothing that suit each other will. Always prepared for networking events in the evening. Make sure you are not under dressed.



It is important to look neat and fresh during business trip. Pack your stuffs right. All liquid, aerosol or gel products must be in containers and less than 100 milliliters/grams. The containers must be carried in one transparent, reseal able plastic bag. The four sides of the bag’s sealed area must add up to no more than 80 centimeters (e.g. 20×20 cm or 15×25 cm).



Have a good business trips!

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