What Your Coffee Says About Your Personality?

Coffee will always have a unique love and hate relationships with business traveler.


We love coffee because of its caffeine, that activate dopamine in human brain. Dopamine is a so-called messenger substance or neurotransmitter that conveys signals between neurons. It not only controls mental and emotional responses but also motor reactions. Dopamine is particularly known as being the “happy hormone“.


We hate coffee because of the addiction and its after dopamine affect, as well as damaging effects such as digestive tract, which could lead to stomach ulcers, heartburn and other ills


Everyone usually has their own preference when it comes to coffee and it might tell us about their personality.

How about yours? Let’s see if it’s true.























Image source: DogHouseDiaries


Espresso. Friendly and adaptive.

Double Espresso. Strong will and hard worker.

Triple Espresso. Enthusiastic but obsessive.

Mocha. Fun-loving and creative.

Latte. Reflective but indecisive. Play safe in unknown world.

Cappuccino. Warm-hearted but oblivious at times.

Macchiato. Traditional and reserved.

Iced Coffee. Assertive and outspoken.

Americano. Calm and conscientious. Enjoy simple things in life.

Frappucino. Happy and energetic.

Coffee-to-go. Serious and focused.

Expresso. Clever, annoying, or both.

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