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Travel, tourism, and hospitality industry has been hit very hard by COVID-19 situation.

Flights have been cancelled. Many hotels had to stop their operations temporarily. Travel agencies are losing their leisure and corporate clients. Travel related products and services suppliers are not receiving any enquiries. Their business and employees are at risk and in need for an opportunity to survive until everything recovered.



We are trying to help our friends from travel, tourism, and hospitality industry who recently got laid-off or been looking for another job due to COVID-19.
Our goal is to help you in finding new opportunities as the soonest possible.



If your work is affected and you are exploring for an opportunity – or – you are looking for talents from travel, tourism, and hospitality industry for your company or projects; please feel free to check these links:


To submit yours or someone’s information for an opportunity,

please complete this form – or – go to


To view list of available talents who have submitted their information,

please go to



Feel free to share this around. Hope we can be a help.


Take care and stay safe!

Thank you.


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