Society Pass (Nasdaq: SOPA) Expands Its Ecosystem into Indonesia and Acquires Online Travel Agency NusaTrip.

Jakarta, 15 August 2022 – Society Pass (Nasdaq: SOPA), South East Asia’s leading e-commerce and loyalty system, announced the definitive acquisition of NusaTrip, an online travel agency (OTA) in Indonesia that services the local and Asian markets. The acquisition of NusaTrip is part of the company’s long-term business expansion strategy for the Society Pass (SoPa) services network in South East Asia.


Society Pass (SoPa) grows by acquiring technology-based businesses with a focus on and operating in the loyalty program, lifestyle, food and beverage, telecommunications, digital media, and travel industries.


NusaTrip, which has been in operation since 2013, is Indonesia’s first OTA to be accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association). NusaTrip currently serves over 1.2 million users and provides over 500 airline service options, 200,000 hotels, and other travel-related services to 80 million website visitors.


“We are delighted to welcome NusaTrip into our ecosystem,” said Dennis Nguyen, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Society Pass. The acquisition of NusaTrip is consistent with our expansion strategy into the Southeast Asian market. We combine the NusaTrip e-commerce travel platform’s cutting-edge technology and operational efficiency with our experience building brands. SoPa will integrate six business verticals (loyalty programs, lifestyle, food and beverage, telecommunications, digital media, travel and tourism) into one cohesive platform with this acquisition in order to provide better product and service offerings to our customers and business partners in key Southeast Asian markets. In 2022, SoPa will expand rapidly due to its ability to acquire market-leading companies and collaborate with visionary partners, optimizing our unique approach as an aggregator, which will directly result in cost optimization and additional revenue sources for the company. Through its capacity to seize acquisition opportunities from market-leading businesses and work with forward-thinking partners, SoPa will experience rapid growth in 2022. This growth will directly affect the company’s costs and generate new sources of revenue.”







“We will enrich NusaTrip services so that we can support government programs in the revival of the travel and tourism industry in Indonesia and also Southeast Asia, both from overseas and domestic trips that continue to increase in the post-pandemic period, through the integration of technology and products that are more diverse and competitive for more local, regional, and international users,” added Patrick Soetanto, Society Pass’ Country Manager for Indonesia.



“NusaTrip is excited to join the SoPa ecosystem.” We are excited about combining marketing capabilities by joining SoPa’s vast ecosystem and large user and merchant base in Southeast Asia. Observing the growth of the Southeast Asian travel and tourism industry in the second and third quarters of 2022, NusaTrip aims for faster user growth and offers business travelers and travelers more competitive hotel and airfare booking prices at no extra cost, as well as more payment options. “Through our customer-friendly platform, we are increasing flexibility and making travel plans more practical,” said Galumbang Menak, Founder of NusaTrip.


About Society Pass

Society Pass (SoPa) is a loyalty program ecosystem that digitally optimizes customer data. SoPa is an acquisition-focused holding company that operates across six business verticals (loyalty, lifestyle, food and beverage, telecommunications, digital media, travel) and connects millions of consumers in the Asian region to thousands of sellers of various product and service categories. Southeast. SoPa is currently headquartered in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), Indonesia (Jakarta), the Philippines (Manila), Singapore, and Thailand (Bangkok).



SoPa’s business model optimizes data and analysis results of Society Pass loyalty program platform users and its universal point circulation management, Society Points. Since 2018, Society Pass has assisted over 200,000 registered merchants in acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. The number of registered users on the SoPa platform has now surpassed 3.3 million.


Society Pass uses technology to create a more personalized online shopping experience for both users and retailers. SoPa currently operates the following platforms:, Vietnam’s leading lifestyle e-commerce platform;, the Philippines’ most popular daily grocery delivery platform;, a service delivery platform for restaurant orders in Vietnam; Mangan, the Philippines’ leading local restaurant delivery service platform; Gorilla Networks, a web3 based mobile blockchain network operator company in Singapore; and Thoughtful Media Group, a social commerce support service provider in Thailand with a premium digital video multiplatform network.


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