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is a web and cloud-based business trips management solution and consultant firm for small to large local companies and travel agencies in Indonesia.


We help companies and travel agencies to become efficient in managing business trips and its expenses through better visibility, connectivity, process efficiency, increased productivity, reduced risks – using technology as innovation.


Our platform is built based on global best practices, combined with years of local expert experiences, and flexibilities to adapt with dynamic nature of: local user behavior, industry rapid changes, and on-the-ground day-to-day challenges.


How we can be a help?

  • Digitalized pre-trip and post-trip business processes
  • Effortless travel management reports generation
  • Visibility of complete business trips expenses
  • Connectivity to travel related services providers
  • Access to industry updates, insights, and references



is a destination site for business travelers, business travel arrangers, business travel buyer/procurement managers – to find relevant information, updates, insights, and recommendation.


CorporateTravel.ID is a marketing platform for relevant suppliers and brands – to share their knowledge and information about their products and services – to end-users and decision makers.


Our platform is built to make information sharing, product or services reviews, feedbacks, and direct contact become easy.


How we can be a help?

  • Lead generation
  • Ads placement
  • Advertorial and tactical marketing campaign
  • Brand profile production and promotion
  • Business directory listing
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